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Wyo Constitution Party hosts 5th State Convention in Lusk

Report from WyoCP Chairman Jeff Haggit

The Constitution Party of Wyoming held its 5th State Convention in the historic town of Lusk May 10-12.

One of the big items on the agenda was making changes to our by-laws.  The by-laws committee spent long hours on this as it had to agree with state election code. Now, it doesn’t matter if we are a major party or minor party, we can use this set of by-laws for both!  The platform committee cleaned up and updated our state party platform, as well.

The National Chairman of the Constitution Party, Frank Fluckiger, joined us for our dinner Friday evening, and spoke about recent events on the national front. The state of North Carolina is now ballot qualified due to a dedicated group that gathered enough signatures. They were very close when he spoke about it at our convention.

The keynote speaker for Friday evening was Constitutional scholar Robert Brown who spoke, among other things, on why the Constitution doesn’t need to change — but rather that the states and their governors need to start using the power the Constitution gives them to nullify unconstitutional federal overreach.

He also stressed the need for the proper teaching of our Constitution and the rights contained therein to us, and to our youth, especially.

Saturday was spent finalizing and voting on the changes to the by-laws and platform by the General Assembly. Rex Rammell was vetted to run for governor, and Dr. Dan Cummings was vetted to run for U.S. House of Representatives. State party officers were also approved and installed.

Thanks to the Elks Lodge for being great hosts for our three-day event, and Shawntae for the great piano music, as well as to everyone who took time out of their busy schedule to attend and participate in this very important business.

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