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Wyoming has had one of the worst economies in the United States over the last decade, losing private-sector jobs in eight of the months in 2017. Wyoming education expenditures per student k-12 are the seventh highest in the nation, but education performance is among the bottom 15 in the United States.

The size of Wyoming’s government per capita is the largest in the United States and has been for many years. Approximately half of Wyoming’s land is under federal control, which has led to Wyoming being in the top 20 of the most dependent states on the federal government.

Now the good news: There are solutions to Wyoming’s problems.

Wyoming Constitution Party


Wyoming's Voice for America's Liberty

I have lived in the East and the West, in the North and the South, in the mountains and on the plains, in Republican states and in Democratic states (and in vacillating states), and in the Washington, D.C., area itself.

I have learned by experience that local problems and political challenges vary greatly around the country, but my experience in living in many varied locations has also taught me that our national problems are nearly uniformly the same throughout our country.

I understand those problems and their solutions.      

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